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Other Services

Additionally, we offer a wide range of complementary services designed to suit every client’s needs including:

Advisory services

We assist clients in understanding their options and aid in their strategic planning process through the use of detailed market data and property evaluations.

Construction/Build-to-Suit services

We can help with negotiations on land, preparing building specifications, interviewing prospective contractors, analyzing bid packages, negotiating the final contract and overseeing construction.  We provide assistance every step of the way from site selection through construction.

Consulting services

In conjunction with our consulting partner we provide corporate site selection services throughout North America for industrial and office facilities.  Services range from a full relocation analysis to performing individual tasks such as labor market assessment, logistics review, incentive negotiations and related issues.

Sale/Leaseback services

A sale/leaseback transaction allows an owner to sell their building, or a portfolio of buildings, and then simultaneously lease it back from the buyer. The result is the seller can free up capital for business expansion or improvements, which can be especially beneficial in a tight credit market.

Hart’s expertise with sale/leaseback transactions adds value in many ways. For example:

•  Freeing up capital from non-earning assets and improving liquidity
•  Improving debt-to-equity ratio of the business
•  Providing off balance sheet financing
• Allowing business owners to focus on the day-to-day operations of the business rather than on managing their real estate
•  Improving financial and performance measurement ratios such as return on assets
•  Reducing depreciation and interest costs

A sale/leaseback transaction is a win/win situation for both buyer and seller. The seller pulls cash out of the property while retaining possession and use of the building. The buyer has the opportunity to purchase the building at a fair rate of return and to add to their portfolio of properties.